Admission Policy

Admissions Criteria

To ensure we make the best use of the donation money, ILM only accepts students that meets ILM's merit and financial need requirements. We assess the families based on their background, keenness for Education. Below 35% students are accepted on the financial aid, at ILM. Consequently ILM's dropout rate is considerably better than other non-profit schools of Pakistan.

Students Retention Rate Comparison

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Frequently asked questions
Is ILM a Zakat Eligible Organization?

Yes, ILM is a Zakat Eligible organization. The zakat money directly goes to pay financial aid for a needy child.

Is ILM a tax-exempt organization?

ILM is a fully accredited 501c3 non-profit. All Donations made to ILM are tax-deductible.

If I donate, will other get to know that?

ILM maintains strict confidentiality with donors identity. Donor’s data, such as name, contact information and email address are kept under strict control by ILM’s management.

Would my donations to ILM matched by corporate?

ILM is a Benevity approved corporate match-able charity. Please contact us at +1-240-342-1015 to know whether your company will match the donations made to ILM.

How can I meet the student I sponsor?

Sponsors have the opportunity to communicate with their sponsored child via email, phone calls or postal mail, and may even visit their child and his or her community.

How does ILM determine financial aid eligibility?

After conducting studies, ILM has developed a software that determines financial aid eligibility and amount for each child. This is determined based on family income, number of dependents and other family expenses.