Meet our Team

Meet our Team

ILM USA, Leadership

Bilal Baqai, Founder

Bilal Baqai, is the founder of ILM. With an M.S. from University of Maryland, Bilal has 10+ years of business management, entrepreneurial and administrative experience. His teaching endeavors include working for the Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, Schools and Colleges of Pakistan and Community Colleges of the USA.

Taha Syed, CFO and Treasurer

With over five years of customer success experience, and along with his non-profit experience, Taha serves ILM as a Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Taha promotes ILM and its work at the west coast including San Fransisco area.

Muhammad Ali, Tech. Administrator and Secretary

M.A. Malik serves as an executive board member of ILM. With over five years of experience in Information Technology, Malik builds Technology Integrated Classrooms and curriculum for ILM, by working with various companies.

Dr. Sohrab Khan, Ph.D, Academic Advisor

Dr, Sohrab Z. Khan is a research scientist 7+ years of combined experience in designing, executing, managing, presenting, writing and publishing life science research, running animal trails for vaccine candidates. His academic background helps ILM in developing academically rich content for STEM in early ages.


ILM Pakistan, Leadership Team

Haider Shishmahal, BOM, Academic Team ILM

Haider Ali Shishmahal is a Harvard University trained Educator in Human Development & Psychology. Besides 17+ years of experience in Education, 5+ years of Entrepreneurial experience, 4+ years in Game Design, experience working as a HOD at The Millennium University College, Haider is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Counselling Association. He is also an alumnus of Notre Dame Institute of Education Karachi, University of Karachi, and King’s College London. Haider serves ILM with his extra-ordinary skillset in ensuring high standard in Academic Quality.


Saha Khan, BOM, Academic Team ILM

Saha Khan holds an ED.M (Educationis Magister) from the Hardvard University Graduate School. Besides working as an Education Strategy Consultat in the United States, Saha helped TCF, a non-profit chain of schools in Pakistan, as a Regional Educational Manager in starting 180+ charity schools in 6 different major cities of Pakistan, and supervised 1000+ teachers and 115 principals. She serves as an Executive Board Member of ILM where helps the organization in making students focused decisions.


Hamza Faridi, BOM, Management ILM

Hamza Faridi is a Pakistani Entrepreneur currently various preschools, Elementary schools, High schools, and after-schools that has served 5000+ students ranging from preschoolers to Graduate School Students. Besides that Hamza serves in the the advisory team member of several for-profit schooling systems of Pakistan. Hamza’s involvement in ILM directly helps it in strengthening its self-sustaining non-profit model.


Mahmood Qasim, BOM, Teachers Trainer

Mr. Qasim serves an an Educational and Academic Consultant to the for-profit and non-profit schools in Karachi. He’s a faculty member at the Business School of Karachi University, and independently runs a chain of teachers training Institutes in Pakistan. He has his specialty in developing an active and engaging teaching environment that motivates students to strive in producing their best. He trains various ILM’s teaching staff to produce High Quality Engaging Teaching Materials that helps in maximizing teachers and students potential.


Shahrukh Aslam, BOM, Management ILM

Shahrukh Aslam is an Educator teaching students of various Educational backgrounds from different Educational systems since 2009. He holds a degree in Engineering from the NED University and helps ILM in integrating its curriculum with hands-on STEM.