Udhiyah with ILM

Qurbani 2

Udhiyah is an Arabic word and Qurbani is an Urdu/Persian word derived from Arabic. They both connote the meaning of sacrifice. Through Udhiyah program at ILM, animals are sacrificed and their meat is distributed to the ones in need, in different areas of Pakistan.

When you choose to do Qurbani at ILM, the families and individuals you send meat to, rarely get the treat of meat. Some of these families haven’t had any since they received this gift last Eid al-Adha.

Our Udhiyah team works with local Ima’ams to make sure the animals used are an’aam animals, (such as sheep, goats, cows and camels). They also make sure animals are healthy, free from blindness, free from chronic sickness/disease or from any apparent ailment, and meets the age criteria. On an average, a goat of Udhiyah program weighs between 25 lb and 40 lb, a cow weights between 250 lb and 350 lb, whereas a camel weights between 350 lb and 500 lb.

The Udhiyha team distributes the meat in packets of 3 lb – 5 lb (depending on the family size), in the rural areas of Pakistan.