High Standard Curriculum

High Education Standards

Highly Trained Faculty

Our highly trained faculty teach the children based on each child’s age and stage of development. Our teaching staff help each child meet goals that are just right for that child. The teaching staff is trained to help child in defining the goals valuing and including each child’s family, language, and culture

On-going Teacher Support

ILM’s teaching staff provide an on-going support to the students throughout their career by providing coaching and mentoring. Researches have proven that teachers support towards students improve  student retention rate.

Meaningful Family Engagement

ILM strongly believes in parents-teachers partnership. Meaningful Family Engagement programs have been established to involve parents, educate them about their child’s educational emerging needs and taught the strategies to act on. a Parents Teacher Association has been formed by ILM.

Appropriate Class size

Having fewer students in a classroom and more staff facilitates high-quality interactions between teachers and children. At ILM, a class size of 25 with a student-to-staff ratio of 25:2 is the largest acceptable, as defined by various professional standards.

Feedback Looped into the system

ILM believes that a quality rating and improvement system establishes quality standards and supports continuous improvement efforts. Students and parents feedback systems designed to specify quality, provide a basis for program accountability, and support program improvement.

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