2011, Founded as after-school

The organization was started from Bilal’s residence as an after-school for under-served high school students.

2013, Acquired Multiple Campuses

The Organization azquired multiple campuses in Karachi. One in Nazimabad #1, and the other in Sector 09,  North Karachi.

2017, Founded ILM, USA

ILM received its accreditation from the Internal Revenue Services of the United States as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

2018, Founded fulltime STEM Focused school in Karachi

ILM started a full-time school in the North Naizmabad Karachi. 37 Applications were received in the first 30 days of ILM’s inauration.

2019, Expansion the STEM School's Capacity

Two new rooms were added to the ILM, increasing the capacity for another 50 or so students at ILM.

2021, Adopted another full-time school

The ILM adopted a full-time school, saved hundreds of children from getting to streets. In addition, the ILM changed changed the school to meet international standards.