A Lasting Legacy: Free Books Program

Program Introduction

With the SI-SR FREE Coursebooks Program , ILM delivers year-long course-books, and supplies needed to the needy children of ILM. The goal of this program is to ensure every child in the school has the books and supplies, they need to receive a STEM Focused high-quality education. Collectively, this program gives 1000+ books, workbooks, educational tool-kits and supplies bags to the children of ILM.

The program goal is to provide the books a child needs to improve their lives.

Eligibility Criteria 

Only students from families with an average income below Rs. 6000 per dependent are eligible for this award. For 2021-2022 academic year, 90% of the program beneficiaries families earned below 3,000 PKR ($ 20) per dependent each month.

Program History

Shakeel Rizvi was an all time great supporter of the Education in Pakistan. He joined ILM in 2018, and continued to support financially and morally until he passed away. After the death of this great supporter, his son, Adam Rizvi, and his daughter Nadia Rizvi, decided to initiate a FREE Course books Program after their father. The program was structured in 2019, and the starting academic year 2020-2021 the coursebooks distribution begun.   

Shakeel Rizvi