Ramadan Relief

Ramadan Drive 2022

The 2022 flood in Pakistan killed thousands of individuals and left more than ten a million people homeless. Your HELP is desperately needed.

Devastation due to Flood

“The females and children in my family are compelled to live under the open sky because I have lost my home and the floodwater still stands there,” Razzaq, 59 years old told Al Jazeera.

Balochistan authorities say the floods have caused damage to more than 40,000 houses, of which 22,000 were destroyed. Nearly 700,000 acres (280,000 hectares) of crops across the province were lost, with the officials estimating the total loss incurred in the floods so far is $10 Million.

How can I help?

For the hundreds of thousands of people left out in the open, help is not coming soon enough. With your help, ILM has already sent hundreds of food bags, medicine packages and hygiene kits to the flood affected areas. We aim to send more! Donate today, and help ILM save lives.